Are you an online marketer or an aspiring SEO consultant? Then this article is for you, what is a mailer software? Have you ever wanted to send bulk emails to your clients? Are you figuring out the best way to send mails to your customers then this is the best method to blast your content to hundreds of readers. It can be anything from health newsletter or book purchase or promoting your services to the crowd. We will look at the top five mailer software that can make you work hassle free.

Mail chimp

This is the best mailer software and probably the cheapest one. You can send emails for free if you have subscribers less than 2000. Other mail servers do charge a fee, but Mail chimp offers for free cost. Started in 2001, now 12 million people around the world use mail chimp daily for their website promotions and selling their services online. It is the best if you are a book author and you want them to be informed about your services daily.


This is another best email marketing strategy that you can use to send mass mails to your subscribers by php inbox mailer. I find many entrepreneurs sending bulk emails to 100k users without knowing their interests. I see them only buying random email lists for business purpose. But it doesn’t happen with Aweber, you will get assistance 24/7 and you can call them whenever you want to and ask for help. Send users with newsletters that are very informative and you can get more followers easily. First month charges would be just $1 and after that you must pay 50$ every month if you have 5000 subscribers or less.


Lot of entrepreneurs don’t want to hard work and they want is quick money. If you are having a target email list and the return ratio would be above 80 percent then you would be successful. You can send mass mails using Zoho CRM but the quantity would be very less. You cannot send beyond 1500 emails in a day and it’s tough for someone wants to send 10k emails per day. But the services are cheap and quality is assured and you can send 2k mails easily using Zoho CRM.

Vertical Response

Vertical response helps you send mail newsletters, it is similar to Mail chimp and Aweber. You can send emails, track them and get more response from your subscribers, just like that. You can many mobile responsive templates easily. Free account lets you add 1000 contacts and sending emails 4 times free to your list. The user interface is fantastic and never boring. You will need to spend 22$ per month to send emails to your subscribers.

Campaign Monitor

I have heard most entrepreneurs using campaign monitor as well with less than 9$ per month to send emails to their customers. User interface is attractive and simple. The costs are a bit higher and you can expect better quality from this mailer software. It will take care all your email needs for 9$ and you can concentrate on other ways to promote your business.