It is not easy to keep your credit cards in one place, lot of people have trouble in keeping them safe. They usually misplace them and raid their home at the last minute. If you have a small cover, you can keep all the cards at one place. You can look in amazon to find the best products out there to keep your credit cards safe. There are many fraudulent activities that happen through your credit card or debit card. Hackers can easily get your pin number and 16 digit credit numbers also, this become easy for someone to make a duplicate of your card and make shopping on your bill.

Recently there was a YouTube video going viral on social media where a person enters the ATM machine and checking for cash. Immediately another person enters there all of the sudden and swaps the credit card without the owner’s knowledge. Lot of netizens (internet users) was shocked and they were searching for safety measures to secure their credit card. That’s why I say to you, keep your card safe and avoid losing your hard earned money.

Lot of people give credit cards to their closed ones and they don’t care to get it back from them. They get no idea when they gave the card and lose their money. Buying illegal things online can get your credit card in trouble and your card can be duplicated. There were reports of stolen cards from areas where shops aren’t trusted by many people. Jewelry shop is the toughest one in this category where you can be easily cheated.

Imagine you are travelling to a foreign country and you definitely want to shop goods which are cheap and the shop keeper says to you that there is no credit card payment. So you pay with your debit card and when you return to your country then you realize you are being cheated. Always add the SMS facility for your debit cards. Once when the money is deducted or credited, you will get a message of the same.

There was another incident where a family went for shopping during the festive season and the family member gave the card for billing. He was shocked because the bill amount was twice when checked after he got back to home. He was charged twice for the same goods and he didn’t know that until he checked the online reports. Make it habit to check your online reports of debit/credit cards, then you will know how much to pay and how much you spent.

Another easiest way is to check your credit numbers or note them down in a secret place. Sometimes you might get cheated with a duplicate card. In that case, you check BIN (the 16 digit numbers) every time and you can also try the numbers using BIN checker online, which happens to be the easiest way to check the origin of the card. You can get the bank details, issuer and many more details.