Although email marketing is an effective tool for advertising services and products to your target audience, it is a good means of communication with your clients.

Nevertheless, SMTP server software might provide some challenge, when you are sending bulk emails to customers. If your emails are taking long to be delivered or not getting delivered at all, the only convenient way to send the bulk emails is an SMTP server. The server ensures successful delivery of all outgoing emails.

 Your emails might not reach your clients without the server, and if the server stops working correctly, you will receive the undelivered message in your inbox. However, the inconvenience only happens when then emails being sent are in bulk.

The primary reason for the inability to deliver emails is the failure of the SMTP server to take the load of bulk messages. However, you can fix complex technical issues to maintain a smooth sending and receiving of emails.

If an ISP blacklists your IP address, your emails might not be delivered. The blacklisting happens if your clients report your emails as spam, or if when your sending rate is above the threshold set by the ISP. Besides, the ISP can strike your IP address forever, if your clients have invalid addresses.